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    It Looked Like Just A Mansion, But When They Went Inside, Their Hearts Broke

    Great Danes are some of the biggest dogs of all time and also can be some of the cuddliest. They’re generally known as gentle giants, and as with any purebred dog, people will pay top dollar for a pup that has a good bloodline and great temperament. The cool thing about adopting dogs is that […]

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    This Mother Kangaroo Was Killed, But Rescuers Saw A Tiny Paw Reaching Out For Help

    There is perhaps no baby animal closer to its mother than the kangaroo. Joeys live inside their mothers’ pouches from the time they’re born until they’re at least eight months old, and they often spend a few more months in and out of this protective home until they’re ready to face the world full time. […]

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    This Guy Was Minding His Business Out In The Ocean When He Saw A Massive Tentacle

    We didn’t know much about the giant squid until very recently, and so much about them remains a mystery. In fact, scientists hadn’t even confirmed they existed until 2004! That doesn’t mean that people who spend a lot of time in the ocean hadn’t had encounters with them, though. James Taylor is active in water […]

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    When His 103-Year-Old Mother-In-Law Didn’t Recognize Him, He Did Something Revolting

    Taking care of elderly folks is a tiring and thankless job that often gets overlooked. Many adult children become caretakers for their parents and sometimes their spouse’s parents. William Spingler, a former politician in Pennsylvania, took over the duties of caring for his 103-year-old mother-in-law after his wife died in 2007. She lived in his […]

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    She Convinced Her Boyfriend To Kill Himself, And Now Justice Is Being Served

    By now, you may have heard of the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III. Roy was a suicidal 18-year-old who was dating Carter (then a juvenile). He would often describe his plans to Carter to kill himself, and instead of reacting as most of us would, she urged him to take his own […]

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    These Parents Had No Idea They Were Dropping Their Kids Off At A Baby Fight Club

    In 2015, two daycare workers were fired and arrested for making young children participate in a seriously twisted playground game. In what prosecutors called a “Fight Club” for children, 22-year-old Erica Kenny and 28-year-old Chanese White encouraged kids to hit each other at the Lightbridge Academy daycare center in Cranford, New Jersey. “About a dozen […]

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    They Reported A Strange Odor Nearby. What Police Found In A Bag Is Heartbreaking.

    On June 19, police officers in Worcester, Massachusetts, went to investigate a garbage bag behind a nearby house after receiving a report that morning about the foul odor it was giving off. While in the area, they saw 31-year-old Edwin Santiago and 36-year-old Jennifer Rheaume walking together on railroad tracks behind the house where Santiago […]

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    Many Baby Food Companies Sell Lead-Contaminated Products…And It’s Totally Legal

    Possible lead contamination has and always will be a major concern for parents of young children. Exposure to lead is said to have a huge impact on a child’s development as an infant. Lead can cause problems with a child’s attention and behavioral habits, as well as their cognitive development, immune system, and cardiovascular health. […]

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    Funny Bear Steals Outdoorsman’s Backpack And Doesn’t Give A Damn About Manners

    The great outdoors probably isn’t the best place to leave your personal belongings unattended. While enjoying a day of exploring the Canadian wilderness, this man and his two kids were caught off guard when a sneaky bear tried to steal the man’s backpack out of his truck. The bear can be seen jumping in multiple […]