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    Hilarious Art Gallery Video Proves Stupid Selfies Just Aren’t Worth It Sometimes

    Many say that our growing fascination with taking selfies as a society has gotten pretty annoying. But at this art exhibit, it actually turned destructive. Artist Simon Birch says he’s been working for years and has used his life savings to bring his project, “The 14th Factory,” to fruition in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition […]

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    34 Hilarious Parents That Would Give Any Internet Troll A Run For Their Money

    It’s no surprise that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. And while the job of being a parent doesn’t come with paid vacation time or an elaborate benefits package, it’s always enlightening to see moms and dads making light of the whole thing once in a while. And when it comes […]

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    This Is The Tragic Story Of How A Baby Died From What Was Likely Just A Kiss

    On July 1, Shane and Nicole Sifrit welcomed their daughter, Mariana, into the world. But just 17 days later, they had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to their baby girl. Though little Mariana was born healthy, she became very sick at less than a week old. She was taken to a hospital, where her parents […]

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    He Captured A Video Of A Whale Doing Something Beautiful. His Reaction? Not So Nice.

    If you ask me, there’s really nothing more incredible than seeing animals thrive in their natural habitat. That’s doubly true of those animals happen to be hulking sea creatures. And fisherman Dominic Tyson has seen his fair share of epic moments while working the coastline of Australia, but nothing prepared him for the rare sight […]

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    When Her Brother Put On Her Jam, She Slayed The Dance Floor. She’s Too Funny!

    We all have that one song that no matter where we hear it, we can’t help but dance. Knowing all too well that his sister Niana can’t resist the sultry stylings of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song “Despacito,” older brother Ranz decided to troll her everywhere they went. Whether it’s at the supermarket, […]

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    She Didn’t Think Much Of A Toy Bear Until Her Dog Stepped On It. Then She Heard This

    Military members sacrifice so much when they’re away from home, and having a way to connect with their kids is so important. A few years ago, one company called Bday Bears provided active duty military members with teddy bears so they could record a message to their loved ones. A man stationed overseas in Afghanistan […]

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    Miracle Baby Survives Being Shot While Still In His Mother’s Womb

    Future mothers worry all the time about what will happen to their babies. Excluding pregnancy complications, however, it’s usually pretty safe for an unborn child inside the womb. When one woman went out shopping for diapers in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, she got caught in a gunfight that would change her life forever. Claudineia dos […]

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    A Baby Was Left Lifeless And Blue In A Bus Stop Until This Caring Dad Came Along

    In the age of the internet, it’s always possible that when you’re in public someone is pulling off a prank. Much like the old show “Candid Camera,” people sometimes leave something strange laying around and set up a camera to see what people will do. There’s even a show called “What Would You Do?” where […]

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    Watching This Guy Play-Fight With His German Shepherd Is The Best Thing Ever

    We all have pretty unique relationships with our pets. They all have separate personalities, and just like humans, that comes with a variety of quirks and lovable traits. My pup, for instance, likes to contort himself into some crazy shapes to sleep in that I don’t think could possibly be comfortable. As much as I […]