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    ‘She Was Cold As Ice.’ Man Describes Heartbreaking Condition Of Two Abandoned Dogs

    Dog fighting is a serious problem in the United States. In 2007, it was estimated that more than 250,000 dogs were involved in dog fighting rings where they were forced to hurt each other for humans’ entertainment and monetary gain. What’s more, people being involved in dog fighting has been linked to domestic violence and […]

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    She Found A Coyote Embedded In Her Car, And You Won’t Believe What It Did Next

    We’ve seen quite a few stories about coyotes lately, and they’ve taught me more about just how interesting these critters can be. They’re found all over the United States, and while they can run into problems with the human population, they usually keep to themselves if possible. They’re a huge part of the food chain […]

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    All These Pigs Ever Knew Was Confinement And Abuse, But Check Them Out Now!

    It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have never been outside or experienced the sun on your face. Even if you’re the biggest couch potato, you’ve got to leave the house to go places like the grocery store or the post office. But what if you had never been outside in your entire life? […]

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    This Adorable Panda Trying To Walk A Tightrope Is All Of Us Stumbling Through Life

    Sometimes you get an idea in your head that’s just hard to shake. Conquering something that scares you can feel really empowering. As someone who’s totally afraid of heights and being off balance, I’m a little bit ashamed to say that a baby panda has outdone me with her sheer determination. This is Pan Yue, […]

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    We Have A Sneaking Suspicion That This Dog Loves His Mom Most. You’ll See Why.

    Sometimes animals have favorite humans. We like to think they love us all unconditionally, but just like humans, they sometimes gravitate toward certain people. This can even happen when our pups have two loving pet parents! Of course, some cases are more extreme than others. If you want to see just how crazy things can […]

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    Heartbreaking Footage Shows The Devastation Of Hurricane Irma’s Path

    Since Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, millions have been affected by losing power to their homes, with many getting caught in major flooding and thousands waiting it out in shelters across the state. The tropical storm has killed at least seven people in the U.S. so far. Unfortunately, 37 were killed in the Caribbean […]

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    Kind Stranger Gives Up His Comfort To Help A Heartbroken Daughter In need

    As much of Florida prepares to ride out the oncoming wrath of Hurricane Irma, many people are finding themselves driving around all over to collect much-needed supplies. That was the case for Pam Brekke, a Florida native who had been searching for days for a generator for her ailing father, who would need the energy […]

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    When This Sick Little Girl Was Stuck In Flood Waters, She Used Siri To Get Help

    One of the most terrifying things about devastating hurricanes like Harvey is that sick people often can’t reach help. For a few days during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, even calls to 9-1-1 weren’t going through. They were overwhelmed with so many requests that they asked only those in dire emergencies to call. Unfortunately, one […]